Rie Skovgaard

As being part of an artist family art has always played a big role in Rie Skovgaards life.

Her grandfather, who was a painting artist lived and worked at 'Statens Museum for Kunst' (the danish state museum of arts).

In these quarters Rie Skovgaard along with her father, who was also a painting artist as well as a sculptor, spend much of her childhood and youth.


Rie Skovgaard has for many years experimented in order to find her own expression by using the classical work methods, among others.

In the recent years she succeeded in finding her own special work of art. She uses the colorful and bright acrylic paint.


This artistic expression contains all the aspects of life within time and space. Rie Skovgaard is trying to seize the past, the present and the future and transform these expressions into an everlasting impression.


She wishes to illustrate wich value that accurse when the shape forms chaos, and chaos breaks the form. The color of choice is combined to underline this theoretical intention in practice.


Rie Skovgaard focuses on the abstract and imaginable statement in her art - because due to a heartfelt imaginary fantasy performance the balance between chaos and form can be preserved. This way liberty can be set free as well in life as in the art.


She lets the colors control the brushes and in a state of trance the images and characters emerges, wich symbiotically breathes of one another.

Furthermore, the senses open-up in all directions in this state of trance as the analytical skill is reduced - everything is possible without any obstacles. The work therefore becomes a nonthinking process af freedom on the borderline between the unconsciouness and the consciousness.



The primary colors give the paintings power and energy wich appeals to action and life courage . They stimulate the mind and the spectator will become calm and well-balanced. The combined colors add yet another dimension. They create a range a range of width between the primary colors - the painting becomes less demanding and the spectator achives an easier access to the fairytale that takes place in the painting composition.

Rie Skovgaards artificial work is an intuitive act that is not limited by time and consciousness. She is painting an exploration trip into the core of the soul and in the act of the unconscious.


Rie Skovgaards vision as an artist is to inspire the spectator within the personal insight and the art. To lead each and every one on an individual exploration trip that can release life and liberty.



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