Netgalleriet (webgallery) is a national gallery on the internet. Here you can look at- and bye art. Furthermore does the netgallery hold different exhibitions around the country.





Musicon in Roskilde in a part of the city in progress. There are room for  independent initiatives and creativity. It is a part of the city that still holds the mark of the old concrete factory that it once was.

In one of the buildings a group of artists has made an amazing workshop and gallery. Here is friquently exhibitions from both local and exogenous artists.  

Rie Skovgaard is a very active artist at Musicon, and she has been very engaged in the building of the workshops.



Musicon at TV2 - Lorry


On the 15th of july 2010 the local television network TV2-Lorry showed a fiture from Musicon. Follow the link below to watch it:




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